Prayer Retreat Info


• The retreat is at Lebh Shomea House of Prayer just outside Sarita, TX. Directions are below.

• Please plan on arriving between 1:00 – 1:30pm. ***If there is any reason you will be later than 2:00pm please text me***

• We will ask you to turn your cell phones off so you may want to provide others the emergency contact info below.

• We will be eating simple but healthy meals. Generally a continental+ breakfast and a soup, sandwich, and salad lunch and dinner. If you have special dietary needs, please contact me immediately so we can work out the details.

(Please try calling in the order below)

Fr. Michael’s cell: 512-426-2228
Lebh Shomea Main Number: 361-294-5369
Maurice and Regina Residence: 361-294-5382
Fr. Andy Cell: 210-792-0024


  • Bible
  • notebook and pens or pencils
  • comfortable clothes (see note from Lebh Shomea below)
  • water bottle
  • flashlight
  • watch
  • alarm clock
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • walking shoes
  • rain gear? 
  • bug spray?
  • sun-hat / sunglasses?
  • jacket / sweatshirt?
Clothing note from Lebh Shomea:                                  

Casual clothes are appropriate for everyday wear at Lebh Shomea. One good outfit is recommended for the Sunday morning Celebration of the Eucharist.  Shorts are not considered suitable at the Eucharist.


The more familiar you are with our services the more you will enjoy them when you are here.

You can listen to Morning and Evening Prayer here:

And here is a link to some VERY poor recordings of some of the songs we use for our daily prayer services. You may want to listen once or twice to be vaguely aware of how the songs go. I’m sorry for how bad it sounds, it’s much better in person – I promise.


Lebh Shomea is just outside Sarita, TX (just south of Kingsville). Whether coming from the north or the south the directions are the same.

  • Take the “Sarita” exit from Hwy 77/ I-69 (there’s only one Sarita exit) and do not follow your device from this point!
  • Turn EAST onto “La Parra Ranch Road” (this is the road at the stop sign you’ll come to at the exit. If you are coming from the South, East will be right. If you are coming from the North, East will be left.)
  • Continue EAST till you come to a gate (several miles)
  • Introduce yourself to the the gatekeeper, he will have your name.
  • Continue EAST and look for the sign saying “Lebh Shomea”.  Bear right into the Lebh Shomea gate and driveway.
  • Turn LEFT immediately in front of the large white garage (which is on the right) and park in the small parking lot that is there.

Here is a sample schedule of our time together: