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Can I send a check or an e-check?
Certainly. Direct all mail to:
The Trinity Mission
P.O. Box 231
La Feria, TX 78559.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Currently, gifts to The Trinity Mission are NOT tax deductible. If you intend to give more than $250 to The Trinity Mission in this calendar year, then you might consider using this link to support Trinity on the Border which is The Trinity Mission's 501c3 arm working with the vulnerable along the south Texas border.

What is an appropriate amount to give?
After you have joined us a for a couple weeks, we ask that you consider giving $7-$20/month. For those who are able to give a little bit more, it is an enormous help to us if you can do so.

Who is The Trinity Mission?
Read more about us over here

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